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CRUEL SHOES online demo (revised)



Cruel Shoes logo no credits


CRUEL SHOES: revised online demo

Book/Lyrics: David Simpatico

Music: Ross Patterson

Featuring Adam Chanler-Berat, Christiane Noll, Mary Testa, Chuck Cooper, Ron Bohmer and others

Logo design: Rachel Biello


Track 1: Cruel Shoes

Track 2: The State I’m In

Track 3: Cupid’s Ax

Track 4: Cherry Jubliee

Track 5: Udder Delight

Track 6: The Future’s in my Hands

Track 7: We Mean You No Harm

Track 8: Make Time for Destiny

Track 9: Goddess Within

Track 10: Manhunt

Track 11: Dream of Me

Track 12: Glen or Glenda?



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