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Macs: A Macaroni Requiem

Full-length comedy/drama

Cast size: 5 men, 3 women

MACS examines the story of an Italian-American family’s denial around the death of the youngest son. Through the course of a Sunday dinner, the suppressed family dynamics build to a head and explode during a furious word association “exorcism”, which forces the family to come together, accept the tragic death, and ultimately, embrace life and each other.


MACS: A Macaroni Requiem


my pilot video, SAY UNCLE!

An 18 minute excerpt from a pilot for a new television series by myself and Antonio Mendez, my brilliant writing partner. Essentially our take on an updated AUNTIE MAME combined with Absolutely Fabulous.  It was a fast fun weekend full of great energy and a loving tribute to my dad, who passed away the day before the shoot.  It was a chance for Antonio and I to walk around in the world we were creating so we could see first hand what their world was like. We had a crew and cast of exceptionally talented and loving people working the entire weekend, and in some instances, through the summer. Have fun!





Written by: David Simpatico & Antonio Méndez

Executive Producers: David Simpatico & Antonio J. Méndez-CB

Directed and Produced by: Antonio J. Méndez-CB

Associate Producer: Joe Cicarella

Production Manager: Staci Levine

Script Supervisor: Friday Savathphoune

Assistant Director: Joe Cicarella

Sound: Carmine Picarello

Editing: Melissa Hacker and Joe Cicarella

Associate Director: David Simpatico

Slate: Rachel Biello

Grip-Gaffer: Mathew Everett

Still photography by Miguel Criscuolo and Nina Gandolfo

Production Assistants:

Rachael Evans

Mark Klaman

Production coordinators:

Brian Lewis

Ana Berrios-Criscuolo

Art Director: Matt Brown

Stylist/Wardrobe: Franco Lacosta

Make Up:  Jameson Kirkland



Manny: Stephen Cabral

Frank: David Simpatico

Scotty: David Roth

John: Brendan Byrnes

Janey: Susan Kurowski

Virgil: Franco Lacosta

Gina: Lorenda Robinson*

Howard: Robert Ackerman

Desmond: Billy Flatley

Kenneth: Pedro Andrade

Enrico: Alexis Rios


Party People in the House:

Ana Berrios-Criscuolo

Migel Criscuolo

Ray Brahmi

Jared McQuire

Dayna Laurie Thompson

James Aita (Sharon Needles)

Rachel Biello

Roberto Buso

Eric Miller

Tom Wenstrom

Jared McGuire (party/fill-in)



Robert Strickstein

Christopher Unruh

Jeff Kolsrud and Q Models

Molly Hagan

The Lark Theatre

Jaimie Finnegan

Joel Martin

Jane Young

John Jeffrey Martin

Michael Mahaney

Steve Fickinger

Ken Cerniglia

Jane Bernard


In Loving Memory of Anthony Simpatico


And rejoicing the lives of our nieces and nephews

to whom we also dedicate this piece:


Santiago, Ian, Senara, Gabriel, Nina, Steven, Daniella, Anthony, Andrea, Emma, Noah, Francis, Lauren, Ryan, Bridgette, Ian, Maura, Aeilish, Aiden, Elena, Cristina, Joaquim, Bea, John


Thanks to

Soo Hyun Chung

Alexandra Van Valkenberg

Broch Bertloff


My play: MARY


Short full-length spiritual sex-comedy

Cast size: 2 men, 1 woman

A spiritual burlesque about the President, his Intern and a blow-job, which transforms into the story of God seducing Mary, and the creation of the new millennial savior. This time, Mary takes things into her own hands (sort of).




My play, NANNA


Full-length comedy/drama, infused with magic realism

Cast size: 1 man, 3 women

An 88 year-old woman comes back from the dead to ensure the new millennial savior is conceived, but along the way, examines her own history of child abuse and the veracity of God in a chaotic universe. Part sex comedy, part Greek tragedy, NANNA uses black comedy to examine the intimate turmoil of intergenerational incest against the cosmic backdrop of western theology.

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