Full-length comedy/drama infused with magic realism

Cast size: 7 men, 2 women playing multiple parts

A Father visits a powerful psychic in order to call his gay-bashed son back from the dead to deal with unfinished business. With a structure inspired by Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL, this play uses liberal doses of magic realism to explore one man’s journey as he chooses between what he’s been taught, and what he truly wants: to love his son. Through the mystical conduit of a Puerto Rican transsexual agoraphobic psychic, we visit a plane of ghosts and gods, as we struggle to make sense of a chaotic, violent world.

Press LINK to read the script, located on New Play Exchange.

Here’s the Zoom reading of Bad Blood done by Howl Playwrights for Dutchess Gay Pride, June, 2020.

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