Music by Justine F. Chen

Full-length grand opera

Cast size: 7 principals, large chorus

I’m thrilled to share the happy news: The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing is slated for production in March, 2023 at Chicago Opera Theater, directed by Peter Rothstein. Huge thanks to Lidiya Yankovskaya and Ashley Magnus for their faith in us and their support; and to American Lyric Theater, Lawrence Edelson, and Stephen M. Weiner, for their unwavering belief in the story and in our ability to tell it. We’ve had such great luck over the years, working with so many talented, creative people on this piece, thank you! 

So many people helped Justine and I discover and shape the piece, but most among them I want to thank Larry Edelson, Cori Ellison, Lidiya Yankovskaya, Mark Adamo, Keith Chambers, Charles Petzold, Mark Campbell, Michael Korie, Catherine Malfitano, Kate Pitt, both my ALT cohorts and the entire crew at American Lyric Theater; and the hundreds of singers, actors, musicians who helped us dig deeper into the opera.

Make your plans for a visit to Chicago March 23, 25 and 26, 2023!

Creative Team

Composer: Justine F. Chen
David Simpatico
Lidiya Yankovskaya
Peter Rothstein


Alan Turing: Jonathan Michie
Christopher Morcom: Joseph Leppek
Don Bailey/Bobby/Prosecutor: David Salsbery Fry
Steve Todd/Arnold Murray: Justin Berkowitz
Sara Turing: Teresa Castillo

To find out more about licensing THE LIFE AND DEATH(S) OF ALAN TURING, click here to go directly to the American Lyric Theatre site.

Commissioned by American Lyric Theater in 2012 to commemorate the Turing Centennial, The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing is a two-act opera inspired by the life of the groundbreaking computer scientist, Alan Turing. After saving England in World War II by cracking the Nazi U-boat code, he was found guilty of gross indecency for a homosexual relationship and was chemically castrated. Two years later, Turing was found poisoned near a cyanide-laced apple with a bite taken from it. The apple is believed to be a reference to his obsession with Disney’s Snow White, and an image rumored to be the inspiration for Apple Computer’s logo. Turing’s mysterious death was labeled a suicide – but there are many other theories. The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing is a historic-fantasia on Turing’s life. 

Production History: commissioned by American Lyric Theatre, Lawrence Edelson, AD

Multiple vocal workshops with American Lyric Theatre.

Orchestral Workshop with full cast, Chicago Opera Theatre, Ashley Magnus, AD; Lidiya Yankovskaya, MD

Alan Turing

This is the love duet between Alan Turing and Christopher Morcom, performed by Jonathan Michie and Andrew Bidlack; American Lyric Theatre workshop, Jan, 2018, sponsored by Opera America

Andrew Bidlack and Jonathan Michie
Composer Justine F. Chen
Maestro Lidiya Yankovskaya and producer Lawrence Edelson
Ashley Magnus, Lawrence Edelson, Justine F. Chen; COT 2019
Onstage with Justine F. Chen, composer, and Larry Edelson, producer; Orchestral Workshop at Chicago Opera Theatre, Jan, 2019
Justine F. Chen

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