Michael Bloom, our poster boy

Written by Sam and Laura Auster; Directed by Sam Auster
Starring Michael Allan Bloom, Robert Bundy, Paul Leuken, David Simpatico et al

SCREEN TEST: “In this teen sex comedy, a group of four male friends are determined to do something about their moribund sex life, and so they portray themselves as up-and-coming porn filmmakers out looking for good female stars. This introduces them to the women they want to meet, but one of these women has a father with some dubious connections to organized crime — and he is more than a little peeved when he finds out what these young teens have been doing to his daughter’s honor. The ensuing confrontation involves a fleet of luxury cars descending on the hapless, would-be filmmakers — soon to be grateful that their cameras were never loaded since the guns of their aggressors clearly are.”

Here’s the trailer!

I was cast in this movie just as I graduated from Northwestern University, joining a terrific cast and crew for a summer shoot in and around Chicago, 1983.

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