(video; ten short episodes)

ZOMBIE HIDEAWAY chronicles the obsessive compulsions, nagging doubts and overwhelming fears of our gradually unravelling hero, a mid-career playwright of fractured psyche and peculiar taste relocated from the heart of Manhattan to the deep woods of the Hudson Valley, in the quest for his own humanity in a world of run-on sentences disintegrating around him in the shadows of his own fears. 

Desperate for success, can our hero fend off the deadly zombies before becoming a zombie himself? With a life-long fear of the dark, ‘David’ feels the terrifying itch infect his bloodstream. Each day, his fears grow more aggressive, his ego grows more embattled and his sanity flakes away… 

Told in short, vlog-style diary entries, ZOMBIE HIDEAWAY is a satiric take on the American Dream, and the nightmare that comes with it. Confessional sharing is intercut with a frenzy of images and clips from various levels of reality, threatening to crush our hero’s defenses. 

Each episode deals with a simple aspect in the daily struggle to ‘succeed,’ combined with the threat, and increasing attraction, of a plague that tingles with irresistible unfettered no-holds-barred ambition. Friends and guests of the hero come to the country, bringing increasingly dangerous microbes into his sanctum sanctorum. The quaint village of Rhinebeck grows more dangerous as paradise reveals its undead underbelly

Can ‘David’ achieve his wildest dreams and retain his humanity? 

Tune in and find out.

They’re out there, and they’re hungry…

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