Wilde About Whitman

Two act comedy/drama

Cast size: 2 men

On January 18, 1882, Oscar Wilde was only 27 years old, had an eye for the boys and nothing to declare but his genius. Walt Whitman was 62, looked 72, and was banned in Boston for his ‘pornographic’ homoerotic poetry. On this cold winter’s day, these two literary giants spent three hours together behind closed doors in Whitman’s home in Camden, New Jersey. Wilde About Whitman is the story, equal parts historical record and theatrical conjecture, of what they said, and did, behind those closed doors. 

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David Simpatico, Simon Callow and Orlando James, Above the Stag Theater, London, 2018
Hale Appleman and Lou Liberatore as Oscar and Walt, for the Dramatists Guild Hudson Valley Footlights online reading of WILDE ABOUT WHITMAN, Summer, 2020.
Kevin Archambault as Oscar, James Occhino as Walt, at Howl Playwrights, 2018

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