Music by Will Todd

DICKENS: A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Dinner. Wood engraving after Edwin Austin Abbey for Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ 1881.

Here is the recording we made in concert at The Church of Scotland, in London, December 2018. Score by Will Todd; Directed by Martin Duncan; produced by James Clutton; featuring Kit Benjamin, Alys Roberts, Fleur de Bray, Victoria Simmonds, Heather Lowe, Robert Murray, Nicholas Garrett, Julien Van Mellaerts; scored for piano, bass and accordion.

Press this LINK for the full concert presentation (45 minutes, we left out the first scene for time constraints.)


Enjoy the two minute trailer (taped live in concert at The Church of Scotland, 2018); on my Youtube Channel, Noiseball Simpatico.

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