Music by Ross Patterson

Book & Lyrics by David Simpatico

Logo design: Rachel Biello

Glen Bob, an innocent country boy, comes to NYC to become a big Broadway star, but is thwarted by the realities, and monsters, of the theatrical business.  He manifests several homicidal female multiple personalities to bump off the men blocking his rise on the ladder of success. Will Glen Bob find love, success and fame on the Great White Way, or will he become…The Butcher of Broadway?

A backstage/murder/musical comedy; Book and Lyrics by David Simpatico; Music by Ross Patterson.

Featuring Adam Chanler-Berat, Christiane Noll, Mary Testa, Chuck Cooper and Ron Bohmer. This is an online demo only, it is not for commercial use.

Adam Chanler-Berat, singing the part of Glen for the demo; immensely talented actor.

Production History: 

2009: Initial concept exploration: Noiseball Productions
(using Pace University students and donated space) 

2009/10: Demo recording

2012: Two-day workshop, directed by John Rando

2015: NYMF concert; directed by Tom Caruso

Cruel Shoes MOOD BOARD; performed by Christiane Noll, and company.

Ross and David, denizens of the night

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