[A bright spot in the Hudson Valley Region,] Howl Playwrights in Rhinebeck, NY led by DG members David Simpatico and Darrah Cloud, have one of the most robust and active collective of playwrights across our region, serving as a hub of new work and presenting year-round readings and digital presentations….

Dominic D’Andrea, Dramatist Magazine, Sep/Oct 2020

A Howl of Playwrights is a play development group dedicated to nurturing, inspiring and empowering new, challenging works. Playwright Darrah Cloud and I created and co-curate the group, leading weekly work sessions, public readings and occasional workshops of new plays by member playwrights

Darrah and David, at the CIA with Half Moon Theatre

It’s a great group of people who work hard on their craft. We started as the literary arm of Half Moon Theater in Poughkeepsie, and then branched off as Howl Playwrights at the Liberty Public House in Rhinebeck, who gave us their amazing basement lounge for weekly sessions and monthly public readings.

The Liberty Lounge

Sadly, the Liberty has shuttered it’s doors, but Howl has continued meeting online during the covid-19 lockdown. Zoom has enabled members who had moved away to participate in a virtual session.

A Howl of Playwrights

Website: A Howl of Playwrights.org

YouTube: Howl Playwrights YouTube Channel

Facebook: Howl Playwrights Facebook Page

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