testing two

well, this could turn out to be an interesting outlet for warming up the juices in the morning. the creative ones, i mean. what is up with deniro as the gay pirate in startdust, half of the time he’s phoning it in and the other half he’s great because despite the fact that he’s phoning it in, he is still a gay pirate dressing up in ladies undergarments. glad he took the part since its not something i think he might normally do, but not all that satisfying.
this piece of exquisite art is by my sister in law tara, a cutout that houses tiny universes of silent curiouslity and secrets. i love it.
Cut out by my sister in law Tara

still getting the hang of blogging, does it just mean that i can pontificate or run on endlessly, like chatting about my lunch of cottage cheese and dried fibre yesterday, does that qualify as a blog? or should i write pithy self contained snppets, movie reviews, comments about herr bush, thoughts about theatre…im guessing a little of everything. but who reads this stuff? who even knows I am here, yelling into the wilderness? who cares?


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