WILD few months

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last put something in my blog, and since I’m now in the Roosevelt Hotel waiting for my friends to pick me up for dinner, I thought I’d just say what a momentous summer it’s been for me.  Everything from the death of my father to leaving my day job to finally pursue writing full time, thanks to the guys at Disney and the successful tour of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.  Tom Schumacher, Steve Fickinger, Ken Cerniglia, Rick Elyce….these gents gave me the chance to take the step I needed to change my life. And my composer/partner Bryan Louiselle, the brilliant man behind the music for the tour, who created two great new songs, is a constant source of inspiration and knowledge: what he doesn’t know about musical theatre structure (and plain old dramatic structure) doesn’t exist. Forever in their debt.In October, one of my other writing partners, Antonio Mendez, and I stayed in Amsterdam for three weeks of magic. Fantastic.And on top of all that, my husband Robert and I celebrated out 20th anniversary, and yes, in straight years, that’s about 96 years!  He is the most exciting and intoxicating man I’ve ever met. And after 20 years, it is still getting better.  Guess I’m in love, Ma! More anon    some pics:  robert-among-the-leaves.jpgken-bryan-david-rex-in-la.jpg  still-dancing-after-all-these-years.jpg    batman-and-molly.jpg

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