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LifeAfterLife: Virtuality Sal and Whida Peru: Music by Josh Schmidt

Two connected solo musical dramas

Cast size: 1 man; or 1 man, 1 woman; 4 piece band/ghosts (3 women)

Part 1: Virtuality Sal

Sal locks his front door and starts his work-at-home shift as a virtual receptionist for a global on-line communications service. A former city bus driver recovering from the occupational trauma of a fatal accident in which he ran down a pedestrian, Sal hides himself away from the world, losing himself in obsessive on-line, role-play gaming. As his world crumbles, he finds a way out of his grief in Second Life, an online social platform that offers him a perfect, if virtual, existence. By the end, Sal remains locked in his apartment, a husk of a man, seeking haven in the false world of virtual reality.

Part 2: Whida Peru

Whida Peru, the most powerful Puerto Rican/transsexual/agoraphobic psychic on the Eastern Seaboard, has enjoyed a transcendent, nightly affair with the spirit of her deceased lover, Juannie, who was run over in a freak bus accident. But tonight, as Whida prepares a special anniversary celebration, Juannie announces the end of the affair. Whida Peruis a one-woman emotional whirlwind of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance as she is forced to evaluate the quality of life, death and what lies in-between. By the end, she unlocks her door and reenters the world of the living.


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