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The Screams of Kitty Genovese (songs & excerpts)

This is a recording made at the New York Music Theatre Festival in NYC, 2006, at St. Clemant’s Church. It was a fantastic experience and had an amazing cast and crew and team. These are songs and excerpts, the credits are listed below. We are still looking for a first major production of THE SCREAMS OF KITTY GENOVESE.

David Simpatico: Story/Libretto
Will Todd: Music/Orchestrations
David Edwards: Director
Mary-Mitchell Campbell: Music Supervisor
Randall Eng: Music Director
KittyGProductions: Producer
Graphic: Yoko Ichikawa

Cheryl Alexander: Frannie
Brendan Byrnes: Vinny
Elizabeth DeRosa: Cathy
Shawna M. Hamic: Betty
Amy Justman: Martha
Kevin Kern: Jimmy
Arthur W. Marks: Winston
Michael McKinsey: Marty
Jody Reynard: Baby
Sheri Sanders: Kitty
Russell H. Saylor III: Mac
Melanie Vaughan: Mommy
Stephen Cabral: Newscaster 

This is Kitty

Track 1: Winston in the Night

Track 2: Just Another Night (“Who are these people”)  

Track 3: Just Another Night (stack)

Track 4: Jimmy’s Lullabye

Track 5: Man in the Dark

Track 6: Blood in the Streets

Track 7: Do You Believe

Track 8: I Wanted New Shoes

Track 9: All of the Others

Track 10: Reach Out and Touch Me

Track 11: Digging Through Darkness

Track 12: Frannie’s Lament

Track 13: 38 Neighbors

Track 14: I Never Heard the Screams

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